I provide private, personalized piano teaching lessons in a well-equipped home studio, with a technical and creative approach leading to the better development of musical knowledge and abilities.

I tailor my services for each child, teen and adult at all levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

My flexible 6-day-a-week schedule allows you to choose the morning, afternoon or evening lessons that are most convenient for you.


My studio has been entirely renovated to offer even more to my students as well as accompanying parents. While providing an enjoyable, warm and relaxed environment,

the quality ambiance is strictly dedicated to music for an optimal learning experience.

Passion & Vision

I love teaching, and it is always a great satisfaction to witness the progress of my students as they overcome their limitations, as they improve their abilities and develop their love for music.

My effective techniques start with quickly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each student.  My assessment  provides the foundation to build a personalized musical program.

Every learning experience is performed in a relaxed and playful ambiance.   This approach helps each

student reach and exceed his or her expectations.

Music is truly a passion for me. I profoundly believe that every sound communicates a personal resonance within every human being. Scriabine, one of the Great Russian composers, perceived colors within each musical vibration. Musical sensitivity exists in each and every person in different ways. I also believe a solid technical foundation is required to fully appreciate the world of music.

My students have my total commitment.  They are not customers, but creative people with whom I share my knowledge and passion.

Education & Experience

After completing my college education 25 years ago, I began teaching music in school.  Then I quickly realized that I preferred to share my knowledge of my favorite instrument, the piano, on an individual basis, one-on-one. I like having a warm, personal relationship with each of my students, because each student is unique.

I take the time to discuss with each student the specific difficulties he or she may encounter during personalized training.  And I always communicate with three essentials for great results: a smile, patience and humor.

While continuing my university studies, the perfecting of technical aspects allowed me to better grasp the essence of every piece for ease of play and musical pedagogy. Further to my years of education in university, my ongoing Master Classes keep me abreast of new techniques to provide my students with a better learning experience.


I am a teacher affiliated with the “École de musique Vincent d'Indy” which I strongly believe is one of the best music schools for training young pianists.

This is where contests and concerts are held, as well as examinations for those who are interested.

Having cumulated a wide range of experience over the years, I tailor each piano teaching program in accordance to the affinities and abilities of each student.  If desired, I prepare students for exams at McGill University or the Royal Conservatory of Toronto.


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Enseignement de piano

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