For children aged 4 and over, I designed a special piano lessons program.  I’m very proud of this program which will allows young students to play fairly quickly with very nice pieces of music. Parents often praise my program, while the children really enjoy their learning experience.

Young people who are primary, secondary or CEGEP students may choose to evolve in the music world in

And, of course, there are all those who wish to realize a life-long dream.

their own way and according to their abilities.

Some choose to follow a program that will lead to a review or contests. Others choose to prepare for concerts. For some, we simply select a repertoire together for the sole pleasure of playing music.

There also are adults who want to have fun or to simply pick up where they left off some years ago.


Over my career, I have had the privilege to teach youths and adults from diverse cultures. I was able to explore other ways to share my knowledge, as well as discover music from different countries.


The only requirements are that students enjoy learning and discovering music, being able to find time for regular practice and, of course, to have access to an electric or traditional piano for practice and pleasure.

I often get asked:  How much time should be set aside for practice? In modern life with all of its requirements and activities, it would be realistic to reserve some set times during different days of the week, when daily practice is not possible.

Of course, for a 5-year-old child, compared to an older student who wants to present himself or herself for examination at an advanced level, the realistic practice time won’t be the same.

However, the frequency of courses/lessons is the same for everyone, whether beginner or confirmed pianist.  And that is once a week.

It is not recommended to see a music professor once every two weeks or less.  Beyond extending the learning curve, what is much worse is that bad habits could be acquired and they would take longer to correct for proper piano playing. There also is the risk of progressing at a pace too slow to support a learning experience that would maintain  motivation and satisfaction.


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