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My educational plan can be summarized in a few words:  Develop a love of learning with a love of this wonderful instrument that is the piano, with extensive knowledge and great sensitivity.


Topics: technique, theory, rhythm, reading, solfege, scales, arpeggios and so on.

For all those starting out, classes begin with theory, which is crucial for an understanding of musical scores*. We work thereafter to increase technical skills which include the flexibility of the fingers and wrists.

In order to support a strong educational approach, I also have written a series of textbooks from prep level to level nine, all of which facilitate the learning curve of each student in accordance to age and


For beginners, I work with one or more methods tailored for them to become familiar with the keyboard and notes. Then we focus on music and pieces.

I can work with any repertoire. That includes classical, romantic, modern or even popular music, blues or jazz and so on.

In addition, for students who wish to prepare for an examination at the “École de musique Vincent d'Indy”, I also see to it that the students come up with good achievements in music theory, dictation and sight reading.


This involves studying a book to learn how to read notes, also acquiring good placement of hands and fingering of keys. The method is for beginners, and it is different for each age group.


I love working with various styles of music with students. And I often do more research following their requests. This way, the lessons are tailored to their tastes and needs.

Each student has different likes and expectations, and that is why I help them choose their very own repertoire.


If they wish, students may take the exams at the “École de musique Vincent d'Indy”.  I prepare students for these exams, in accordance with the program requested by the school.

Some young students don’t want to do exams and it is their choice. Older students often don’t want to bother with examinations.  But nothing prevents students of all ages from continuing their progress in a very educational program or in their own free way.


I hold two concerts per year at the “École de musique Vincent d'Indy”, in the “Salle Marie-Stéphane”. Students are not obliged to participate. Obviously, however, those involved get stage experience and develop self-assurance that serves them in other aspects of their lives.


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