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I began teaching piano, very modestly, shortly after completing my music degree. Pedagogy, the art or profession of teaching, greatly interested me, in keeping with my passion for music. After a few months working in a school, I quickly realized that private teaching was more in line with my career preferences and teaching techniques.

I still remember my first private student, a 5-year-old boy who had no idea that he impressed me more than I impressed him.

While teaching a wide range of students, I continued my university studies. At one point, I had a few professors working for me for nearly 8 years.

To provide individualized courses, I decided to work alone from my home. And I've never regretted my choice, as even today I continue to improve my knowledge and hone my skills, while teaching students how to develop their own musical skills and abilities.


The studio has been professionally soundproofed for comfort and a better quality of learning environment, according to the ITS-50 standard.

The Sound Transmission Index (STI) was determined under the ASTM standard E 413-87 1994, based on the measurement results made in accordance to the ASTM E 90-97 standard.

Besides the purely technical aspects, the goal was to offer my customers an unparalleled calm and quiet learning environment. Mission accomplished!

The pianos (3)

Of the three pianos in my studio, two meet the needs of students of all ages.

Toddlers will enjoy working on my electric piano with a lighter touch for their little fingers. Older children love the sound and touch my baby grand piano.

The third piano, which is my personal grand piano, is larger and of great sound quality, used with pleasure by some of my more advanced students.

Music Library

Over the years I have built a vast and very diverse music library, well documented, with a collection of interpretations by renowned pianists.

I consider it important for students, as they progress, to learn and hear the differences between simple and great, more complex interpretations.

Active listening is important in the understanding of music.  However, it should never take precedence over practice and individual musical personality.


Curious by nature, I like discovering new music and new composers. So I continue to gather an extensive directory of scores and music partitions* in an ongoing effort to offer my students a wide choice of exquisite music, relevant to their tastes and abilities.


The studio is located at (address).  Easy to reach by car or bus, near the intersection of Sources Boulevard and de Salaberry Boulevard, close to Highway 40.

Many parents appreciate the proximity to the Marché de l’ouest, the Civic Centre, the Library, Galerie des Sources, Starbucks, Rockaberry, many other stores, restaurants and services.

Parents Corner

There are parents who like to attend their children’s music lessons. I have a dedicated reading area with very comfortable seats and lighting accommodation that also allows busy parents to take a restful pause in a warm and pleasant surroundings.

Students need not worry if they arrive too early or if their parents are late. Anyone who needs to wait can do so in this safe and comfortable studio area.


the studio


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